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Keyword Synonym Pairs

What is it?
In Keyword and Advanced Keyword searches, searching on one of the synonym pairs will retrieve records for both forms. For example: a keword search on color and a keyword search on colour will retrieve the same records.

Note: this only works for Keword and Advanced Keyword searches. It doesn't work for Title, Author or Subject index searches.

The Pairs:

aeroplane        airplane       
aeroplanes       airplanes      
analog           analogue       
analogs          analogues      
archaeology      archeology     
behavior         behaviour      
behavioral       behavioural    
behaviors        behaviours     
california       calif          
catalog          catalogue      
cataloged        catalogued     
cataloger        cataloguer     
catalogers       cataloguers    
cataloging       cataloguing    
catalogs         catalogues     
center           centre         
color            colour         
colored          coloured       
coloring         colouring      
colors           colours        
cyclopedia       cyclopaedia    
cyclopedias      cyclopaedias   
cyclopedic       cyclopaedic    
defense          defence        
defenses         defences       
dept             department     
dialog           dialogue       
dialogs          dialogues      
honor            honour         
honorable        honourable     
honored          honoured       
honoring         honouring      
honors           honours        
humor            humour         
humored          humoured       
humorous         humourous      
humors           humours        
judgment         judgement      
judgmental       judgemental    
judgments        judgements     
labor            labour         
labored          laboured       
laboring         labouring      
labors           labours        
medieval         mediaeval      
modeled          modelled       
modeling         modelling      
neighbor         neighbour      
neighboring      neighbouring   
neighbors        neighbours     
orthopedic       orthopaedic    
orthopedics      orthopaedics   
polarization     polarisation   
polarize         polarise       
polarized        polarised      
polarizing       polarising     
sulfur           sulphur        
sulfuric         sulphuric      
sulfurous        sulphurous     
theater          theatre        
theaters         theatres       
tumor            tumour         
tumorous         tumourous      
tumors           tumours 
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