Simplified instructions for creating an rss feed


1. The feeds are created in the same Millennium module you use for creating new items lists. If you do not have a password or the Millennium client on your PC, talk to your DSL.


2. Log on to Millennium, and click on the "Saved Searches" button.


3. Scroll down to list 179 - "rsstemplate"


4. Click on the box with the fund name in it and change it to the fund you want.

important: there are other searches you can do. For more information, see the unabridged version of these instructions.


5. Click on the "Save As" button, and in the text box, type in a descriptive name for the list, preceeded by the string "rss"
For example: rsschemistry or rssmusicscores.


6. You will need to supply all of the following information in an email to If you don't send all the information, I'll send the email back to you!

name of the saved search it should be "rsssomething" ex. rsschem
name of file

the url for the rss files are

The name you supply should be descriptive

display title of the file


ex. "New Chemistry Books"

only use alpha-numeric characters. Don't use dates - we do not change the name each time a search is run.

besides title, other bibliographic information to display


System limitation: only one other field can be chosen.

Choices include:

  • author
  • publishing information
  • other (specify - may/may not be possible)
  • none
language other than english? specify
how often should the feed run?

choose one:

  • every three days
  • every week
  • every other week
  • every month


6. A configuration file based on the information you email me will be set up as soon as possible. I will let you know when it is done - the list should be available sometime the following day (not necessarily first thing in the morning).