Roger project archive - last updated 9.6.07

Completed & withdrawn Projects

Project Initiator
Endorsed Priority Work load Ongoing? Completion
new scope for images slide people psmg   medium committee working on specifying it 9.6.07
new scope for music music psmg   medium committee working on specifying it 9.6.07
work on thing to be able to send phone messages from roger csj     medium IT set up perl server - csj needs to put up on roger3 8.2007
bibimage used for bookjacket images csj rag/risc   medium   8.2007
annual report break            
update locations screens on rogerinfo lots of people     high (screens also need new banner + graphic files need to be changed)   some time during the spring

make title bold on main screen?

don't remember       up in roger 3 asked RAG for input june
put up instructions for i.e. on gadget page csj part of roger gadget page   medium   june
do we want to redesign the bib screen? csj risc/rag   very high rag asked about what they use the single record screen for done in May
adjusted display of 7xx fields ryan/karen p.     medium   done in may
make srchmod look more like avs gerald cloud csj   medium   4/11
install gadgets csj teri   medium   5/30
spell out all display labels + change lib has to lib owns csj risc   medium   4/11
correct suppression of some 028s jim soe nyun csj   medium   4/11
get rid of extra bar code prompt on req form gregf csj       2/1
remove nna date on req. form greg f csj       1/31
complete revised help pages with new styles csj csj high high started 1/3
changes because of release 2006 csj   high unknown waiting for install 1/3
permanent link change csj     easy up in test - waiting for response 1/3
add list of items checked out & hold to patron page csj rag none easy   1/3
add search box to patron page           1/3
- how many items on a page? - can be up to 50 csj rag low  


check all styles csj csj high high in process 1/3
do we have to override any procss styles csj csj high high in process 1/3
right result - need 2 turn on & have icons for csj   high medium  


help page for right result csj   high unknown   1/3
spell check csj   high unknown in process 1/14
z39.50 melvyl search csj risc high impossible help call submitted to innovative - no resoultion will use webbridge/pathfinder instead
add help to nav line csj rag       done
add export classes csj csj       11/28
previous annual report below.
redo features list for new machine csj csj high     7/12
new machine clean up csj csj high high   7/12

redesign: includes new display styles for briefcit, browse & bib.

simplify main menu/header

csj rag none high

will be put into production after new computer goes in.

clean up featured lists csj csj med med   my part done
make all scopes 1 color lia not-endorsed     sent to rag for comment will not be done
get working roger web email csj       done
a related topic link added csj risc none low will go up 6.26
- come up with a better "looking for articles" text patron       sent to IOC for comment switched to a better library services screen
add slide call number to slide scope web pages jim soe nyun/ vickie     medium will wait till roogle goes up 7/6
work with cataloging on reindexing document          
Separating out Form/Genre headings from the subject index Arvid cat cttee.
medium High up 3.27.06
suppress req. button for things that are not requestable? csj ISC   low

works for ref & special collections, doesn't work for music & dvds. In though.

changes due to 2006le installation stella csj asap unknown  


minmal - done

- redo limit screen csj csj/isc   medium test up in 2082 - has problems 9/05
new java script for srchhelp_X available csj csj high working in test roger now 12/14/05
remove the need for patron to put their name in for requesting csj rag     stella will have to do - set sys option 12/16/05
make print/export button more noticible csj rag   major - we can't agree on an approach rag decided on check box 12/14/05
add additional fields to briefcit.html ek/csj rag       12/14/05
fix problem with slashes in avs search megan csj/ssw med unknown   11/05
fix bugs with reqquest form user csj/dds high unknown   asap
added help files to pactech when roger is down stella csj   minimum   9/20
need to update help files to match changes made this summer csj     medium   10/05
export 856 in end note csj ISC   ? sent to Stella to do  
get rid of need for name on patron login? csj jason & greg / isc     disappeared from III documentation question sent to them on 9/22- don't think it was implemented
add the "not needed after" function to the request page csj jason & greg   minimum?

in 2082 (form & wwwoptions) but we need to get innovative to turn it on.

seems to be on, but not in form

add request to the extended browse screen? csj/brought up again by Elisabeth     very high requires total rewriting of the browse screen - deffered would be part of briefcit form - see above
brief citation display csj isc/rag   ? tweaking final versions 9/29
modify request screen to be clearer csj dds/ill       9/29
patron ratings csj    

large - many wwwoptions & many screens need adjusting

page 105261

rag split - csj withdraw
add freeze csj/greg     minimum greg suggested changed iii implemented fixed, but now broken again. Greg lookin ginto
- one name for limit & modify buttons csj      


to isc 7/29

take away the "or" avs search when "and" doesn't come up with anything

Rob Melton/ csj




manual page105569

(opac otpi

rag says yes

going to isc 7/27

- add multi limits csj     medium (have to redesign all the forms)

up in test - rag replies by 8/10

add a scope for maps megan     medium in process - will happen with escopes june 27 for roger / up in pactech
add expected by date to holds csj     minimum in 2082 - discussing with Jason 7/1
annual report break